Our Brand

We are a direct selling company with a strong motive of making the world a better place to live. Ever since our inception, we’ve been tirelessly working to manufacture products that will help create a disease-free and stress-free world. Bringing back centuries old medicine system of Ayurveda, we have taken responsibility to ensure holistic healing for all.

We believe in making Ayurveda the one stop solution for holistic healing for everyone in the near future and also, empowering them with financial stability.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven by our core business fundamentals: Independence, Faith, Reward, Passion, and People.

1. Independence
With DEVYAN your destiny is in your hands. You can change your life by owning your own DEVYAN business. Independence to choose from a wide range of products in different categories. Independence of thought and expression are at the core of DEVYAN.

2. Faith
DEVYAN creates an environment where you can trust them and their products, and thrive to dream big. State-of-the-art high quality products focused on enhancing the wealth of the customers. Trust in the management keeps them motivated and pushes them to do more and achieve more personally and for the company.

3. Reward
DEVYAN rewards for what the associates achieve, and also what they help others achieve. Good products create happy customers, and to keep quality at the core of the business has always been DEVYAN’s objective. Rewarding and encouraging our employees to keep innovating and improving our products. And participate in our vision

Our Promise

DEVYAN promises a healthy, wealthy and quality lifestyle for its associates, employees and customers through its unique business model. Emphasizing the primary focus on bringing good health and copious wealth to everyone associated, the company has always kept its promises with quality products and splendid business offerings. Get associated and be assured of good health and ample wealth with quality products from DEVYAN.

Our Values


1. Train To Lead
Our Business Associates are our assets and we aim to transform them as leaders. Providing training to them is an integral part of our operating system and we train them to tap into their full potential and make them competent enough to achieve their targets. It also helps them in fulfilling their dreams and provides them a comfortable, prosperous and luxurious life.

2. Team Spirit and Unity
DEVYAN firmly believes in creating leaders who believe in team work to achieve personal and organizational goals. Having nationalistic and patriotic spirits, we hold on to our ancient traditional values and make sure to create a family atmosphere to enable our business associates to work in unity and without any rivalry. Because we know very well that to grow on a large scale, it is essential to keep on growing together.

4. Integrated Efforts Towards Excellence
Everyone wants to be successful and aspires to live a cozy life. Our business modules are distinctive but simple and earning-oriented. Irrespective of educational or religious background and away from gender bias attitude we are like a close-knit family who believes in working and creating a vast network. These integrated efforts bring them towards excellence and provide a better standard of living and comforts of life.

5. Building Long Lasting Relations
Being a direct selling company, DEVYAN opts for long-lasting relations with its Business Associates and consumers of products. Giving significance to it, DEVYAN has open communication channels and encourages qualitative discussions to enable our Associates to become an integral part of the company forever.

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